2024 Fristensky family and friends



  • 10-12 days tour of the Czech Republic.
    • detailed program will be developed as soon as enough family members are registered.
  • The tour will begin and end in Prague.
  • Visit of the village Cerhenice (where our ancestors were born and lived).
  • Visit of Gustav and his brother's birth place (house) in Kamhajek.
  • Meeting of family in Litovel (Gustav's former hometown).
  • Litovel, visit of Gustav's house, and current home of Zdenka's family.
  • Litovel's brewery, where Gustav was one of the major share holders.
  • In addition, you also will experience the rich musical, natural, art, and culinary gems of the Czech lands.

Activities and program will be refined as we move closer to the event's date.

This invitation is being extended to all men carrying the name Fristensky and all women either born with the Fristensky name or who are (were) married to one, and to all relatives where the name is in their down line.


Family Registration (RSVP) Form:

I/we would like to participate in the 2024 Fristensky Family Toor in the Czech Republic.